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Demo Day de l'Option Entrepreneuriat

Ce lundi 8 avril au Studio Design l'Option Entrepreneuriat marquait la fin de la session 2018-19 avec une soutenance de grande qualité, devant un jury d'experts composé de :

- René Joly, Chargé d'affaires de l'incubateur ParisTech Entrepreneurs

- Pascale Massot, Responsable de l'incubateur ParisTech Entrepreneurs

- Alexis Robert, Partner chez Kima Ventures

- Denis Vilar, CTO chez Pulpix

Les 5 projets des étudiants entrepreneurs ont été présentés et en voici un apercu :

- Gipsybot is a time-aware to-do list for teams. It is an app that takes into account your time and workload so you always know what’s next for you and your team.

- Ideel helps you regain control over your subscriptions : there is no reason for you not to stop losing money because of these anymore

- Potecolle helps high school students study their courses and challenge each other through a playfull app.

- Footrack helps you keep track of your football performance, individually and as a team.

- ParisbyNight is a unique community to meet and exchange with different nationalities while sharing a cultural experience and a fun time.

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