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Digital Intrapreneurship by Fabernovel CODE

On November 5th, Students got the opportunity to discover what can be digital intrapreneurship according to Fabernovel.

Fabernovel group accompanies its clients with their digital transformation projects.

Fabernovel CODE is the agile digital factory Fabernovel. The objective : accelerate digital transformation through agile web projects.

Fabernovel is very well known for its expertise in agile projects and the two speakers are going to share with students some methods they use with their clients.

During the interactive conference, students discovered that the way they innovate in Fabernovel's digital factory isn't very far from the digital entrepreneurship appraochs.

Students ended the class with key tools that they will be able to use wether they want to be digital entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.

Speakers :

Kenny Durand (Télécom ParisTech promo 2013) : Lead Developer @Fabernovel CODE

Simon Gaurand : Coach Agile Senior

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