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Fetch : conference and workshop - the end of an adventure full of learnings

Jean Charles Kurdali, Fetch's co-founder, has a very peculiar background : after being one of the best French professional poker players, he founded two startups.

The second was Fetch : specialzed in delivering food from restaurants by bike in small / medium cities like Nancy. Fetch started in 2015 and almost finished in July 2018. On July 23rd, Jean charles Kurdali posted about the end of Fetch's activites : "Fetch la fin d'une aventure incroyable".

Right after that he got the support of various clients and partners and ended up being relaunched by the association Resto-in.

Fetch has been very good at reaching and understanding very quickly its market. How did they get there ? What can we learn from this experience ?

Come and join us for the conference followed by a workshop on October 22nd !

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