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Innovation Day 2018

The CENE presented the 5th edition of Télécom ParisTech's Innovation Day where student-startups and startups from the accelerator ParisTech Entrepreneurs presented their projects.
During the Innovation Day, technological innovation and prototype are watchwords : it’s not only about visionnary ideas, it's also about exploring new technological opportunities and sharing these concrete explorations with the audience.
Students and startups pitch in front of an experienced jury which was the following this year:
- Ghaya Rekaya: Professor at Télécom ParisTech specialized in digital telecommunication systems
- Michel Paulin : Previously CEO at SFR
- Francois Paulus : Co-founder and Associate at Breega capital

- Ian Rogers : CDO @ LVMH
- Jean luc Vaillant : Co-founder of Linkedin
Three different prices were awarded :

Koe received the “most relevant technological innovation approach” award.

A game enabling you to keep an audio-memory of the people and moments you care about.

Koe was a student project built as part of the interdisciplinary program : Prix Design et Sciences

Gleamer received the “most promising student startup” award.

A solution using machine learning to help radiologists analyze traumatology radiographies.

Gleamer was supported by the program D2E for student entrepreneurs.

Hiboo received the “most promising technological startup” award.

Thanks to connected sensors, Hiboo helps companies get an overview of their operations.

Here is a list of all the startups and projects who presented their digital innovation :

As student innovative projet : Jotdown, Koe, Virtual Sculpture

More information on :

All pictures of the event :

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