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LVMH launches La Maison des Startups at Station F

LVMH opened on April 9th "La Maison des Startups" at Station F : 220m2 where they will accompany around 50 startups. The objective is to increase collaboration between LVMH's maisons and startups operating in the luxury field.

The chair CENE financed by LVMH had the opportunity to discover the startups of their first batch during "La Maison des Startups" opening ceremony.

Here are a few startups we met, all of them relying on great technological innovations.

SmartPixels presented their spatial augmented reality (SAR) technology. This technology augments real objects through projections, without having to use displays like monitors, headsets, glasses or hand-held devices. They already operate with Berluti, Nike and others.

SmartPixels was incubated at ParisTech Entrepreneurs and won the startup award during the Innovation Day of Télécom ParisTech in 2016.

SouthPigalle provides brands with a chatbot offering real time personalized conversations between the brand and their customers. Jérôme Hagège, a Télécom ParisTech alumni who is working on SouthPigalle's algorithms to optimize their AI also told us that they were currently looking for AI interns => Reach them out to catch that opportunity !

Euveka designed the first smart mannequin of its kind whose shape evolves to fit the exact size you need. it is packed with mechatronic, IT and material technology, this uses bio-mimicry to replicate, as closely as possible, morphological diversity such as age, geographic origin, body ageing and illness. This allows clothing brands to control each step of the prototype process and reliably personalise unique models.

Orbis Holographics became masters of the holographic technology for brands to offer unique qualitative visual experience.

Kronos Care offers the best post-purchase experience for online retailers by supercharging the tracking process to help them engage their customers and increase their loyalty. They are connected to the major transport players to get the accurate information as fast as possible to customers.

Aryballe Technologies developed olfactory and gustatory sensors. Based on the combination of Nano, Biotech, IT and Cognitive Sciences, Aryballe develops databases, software and devices applied to the identification, measurement and representation of smells and tastes. Wine and champagne producers are already following it !

Bernard Arnault presenting the ambition of LVMH group for La Maison des Startups.

Sophie Boudin - Coordinating the Entrepreneurship Chair @Télécom ParisTech

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